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Search engine marketing is seen as the holy grail of online business and to a certain extent that’s true. Running an online business requires that the search engines send traffic to your website. This traffic should then be converted into sales by well written product reviews or sales copy.

The methods for getting traffic from the search engines are many. You can rely on free search engine traffic or use PPC marketing or a combination of both. Some search engine marketing tactics are legitimate and some are pure search engine spam. All SEM methods aim for the same goal – the visitor to make a purchase.

The question on the lips of most online business people is – What is the most effective search engine marketing method. The honest answer is that there is no single perfect way to market your site online. The most successful online businesses use several search engine marketing methods to remain ahead of their competition.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

What do you want your searching engine marketing to achieve?

Who are you trying to get to visit your site and what do you want them to do once they get there?

Do you want them to make a direct purchase?

Do you want them to call for further information?

Decide on what your ideal outcome is before you spend one minute of your time on search engine marketing, optimization or any other attempt to attract searches to your site in a successful manner. Also decide on what kind of budget you have for this same process.

Now once you’ve decided on your desired outcome then have a look at how you can bring visitors (web traffic) to your website. Most people who want a better search engine presence will hire a firm a search engine marketing firm to do the work for them.

The main issue with hiring any search engine marketing firm is deciding on their pedigree. What do they know? How successful have they been with past clients? Do they use blackhat (bad) or whitehat (good) SEO methods? Hiring the wrong kind of search engine marketing firm can result in your website being banned from the search major engines.

Also bear in mind the fees some of these guys expect from you. I’ve seen companies charge $4,500 for $100 worth of work. Many web designers think that stuffing keyword tags and submitting to 25,000 different search engines counts as search engine marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why not invest in a search engine marketing course for yourself? Don’t panic. We’re not talking about one of those thousand dollar seminars here. The very least you should do is read Clickin It Rich by Michael Campbell for a crystal clear guide on doing business online and affiliate marketing. It’s essential that you understand the basics before you attempt to either hire an SEM firm or perform the search engine marketing yourself. Knowledge is always power.

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