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How To Submit To The Free Search Engines

The age old question that has haunted the internet and those looking to profit from it almost since its creation still puzzles most website owners today – what is the single best way to submit your website to the search engines?

The answer simply is that there is none. That is there is no one single answer to this question even though all the self-proclaimed search engines gurus would have you believe that their method is the best and only method for submitting to the search engines.

In days gone by you simply went to the homepage of your preferred search engine, entered the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address of your website and within a few days your website would be included in the search engine results. Those easy days are long, long since gone.

Your options for submitting your website to the major search engines are as follows:

Search Engine Submission Services

These are companies who, for a fee, will submit your website or websites to the search engines. Despite the fact that there are only 4 or 5 major search engines these companies offer to have your website included on 1,000 or even 5,000 search engines for as little as $20.

The major issues with such companies is that they often use software or scripts to submit websites to the search engines and this can lead to 2 separate results:

1. The search engines completely ignore the submission of your website as spam because they’ve set up a filter for that specific script.
2. The search engines look at the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your website and ban it completely from the search engines because it was submitted using an automated service.
3. The submission is successful and your website joins the queue of a million other websites waiting to be included in Google, Yahoo, MSN or whichever search engine you were trying to get in to.

Self Submission

This always has and always will be an option for you to pursue. By going to the homepage of any major search engine you’ll find a link for submitting your website for inclusion. The killer is this – there are hundreds of thousands of website owners doing the exact same thing every single day. This means that tens of thousands of other websites are waiting to included just like yours. For a search engine like Google for example to come and search (also called spidering) your website can take 6 weeks to 3 months. Sometimes the spider will never visit your website.

The simplest and quickest method to get ranked in the search engines is to get a link to your site from another website that’s already listed in Google, yahoo or MSN (they’re the big ones so focus on those). Saying you need to get that link is the easy part. Actually getting the link is lot more difficult – sometimes mindbogglingly so.

To get that first link you can use a ton of different methods.

1. Ask another website for a link to you. Do your best to pick a website that matches the theme of your own site. There’s nothing worse than seeing viagra sites linked to flower arrangement sites – it just looks stupid and tacky to say the least. Bear in mind when asking other websites for a link you could easily ask 50 websites before you even get one link. Do yourself a favor when asking for the link and don’t use any automated link request software to do it for you. Write the link request yourself and email it yourself – the personal touch helps a lot.

2. Write some short useful articles and submit them to general and specific (to your topic or niche) article directories. Well written articles are always in demand and are a very handy way of working your way into the search engines and getting some quick links.

3. Submit your website to every single directory that you can find. Your first port of call should be Dmoz can take weeks to months if they ever list your site but a link from them is worth it’s weight in gold.

A truly superb list of other directories can be found at Concentrate on the free directories unless of course you find a paid directory that matches your website perfectly.

4. Pay $300 dollars to get listed in Yahoo. Ummmm let’s skip on that one as there’s no guarantee you’ll get listed anyways.

5. Write a blog (web log). A blog is the equivalent of an online diary that anybody can read. It can be on any topic or subject. You could have a website about making soap and run a weekly blog with soap making tips on it. You could have an affiliate marketing website and review new affiliate products as part of your blog. Once you’ve made your first couple of blog entries then you need to let Yahoo know about it so that it can include your Blog in it’s RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication). This process can greatly speed up your inclusion in the Yahoo search idex.

Again the whole process of Blog creation and using it for search engine optimization purposes goes beyond the scope of this website so the recommended resources here are RSS Made Easy by Adrian Ling and Express RSS by Satyajeet Hattagandi of Novasoft Inc.

6. Hire a professional author or writer via Rentacoder to create 4 – 6 articles on important or hot topics relevant to your website or business. These articles need to be truly useful because you’re going to be offering them to other websites in return for a link back to your site.

Within the content of each article you simply place 1 or 2 keyword rich links back to your site. The trick is to only offer these articles to websites that are already listed in Google, Yahoo etc. The other thing to remember is these articles should be treated as exclusive material and only offered to one website at a time. That’s your sales pitch:

“’s a professionally written article for your site that I’m only offering to you. There’s no charge for this but the 1 or 2 links back to my site within the content of the article must stay active or the article needs to be removed from your site”.

Very few, sane, website owners are going to turn down free and exclusive content when all it’s going to cost them is a link or two. Bear in mind they have people approaching them every day of the week looking for free or reciprocal links and offering nothing of true value in return.

7. Use a service like which doesn’t spam the search engines and is used by some of the most respected online marketers out there. It’s the safest possible way to submit your site to multiple search engines at the same time, saves tons of time and has the best customer support you could hope for. Very few people know about this service.

If you want a list of the search engines worth submitting to then check out the search engine list page. Again submitting in this manner may mean a wait of weeks or months before you get indexed.