SEO Software Review

Tools To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Humans are always looking for ways to innovate or make their lives easier. Anybody looking to improve their search engine rankings invariably winds up looking for search engine or optimization tools of some kind. This can range from something as simple as a search engine positioning tool to a whole suite of search engine optimization tools.

So what search engine optimization tools do you actually need?

SEO Toolbar

Your first “must have” is an SEO toolbar and the best of them is the Google toolbar. This allows you to check backlinks, Pagerank, blocks annoying popups and a ton of other useful features – far too many too list here. You can download the Google toolbar from here – Google Toolbar download.

Some of you may also have heard about the Alexa toolbar? If not I wouldn’t overly concern yourself with it. There’s a lot of talk about how it benefits your search engine optimization work. Most people quote their Alexa traffic rankings. This is only a reflection of the number of people who have visited your site whom happen to have the Alexa toolbar installed. Personally I can’t think of any real purpose in knowing this information. The Google toolbar offers the same benefits and more besides. However if you’re interested in getting the Alexa toolbar it can be downloaded here – Alexa Toolbar download.

Checking Your Link Popularity

Another handy and free utility is the Link Popularity Checker by the nice people at Axandra. This great little tool allows you to check the number of links pointing to you site from Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Teoma, AllTheWeb, Inktomi/Hotbot and also lists the famous (infamous?) Alexta traffic ranking figure also. It’s a nice way to get a snapshot of how your sites are faring in terms of link popularity.

Download the Link Popularity Checker from here Link Popularity Checker

Page Generators

There are two types of page generators. The first is called a Smartpage generator. This type of software takes a list of keywords and builds pages designed to trick the search engines into sending visitors to a specific website. Why do I say trick? Well a Smartpage has no actual content – it’s just a very fancy way of redirecting you to another website to buy something there. No actual content = no real value to the visitor. If you’re not willing to offer value to your business then do everybody else a favor and stay offline.

The day of smartpages has come and gone although some people still rattle on about how great they are. They’re not great. They produce crap that clogged up search engine results for months and had a detrimental effect on the profits of legitimate online businesses. Google and other search engines were forced to alter their ranking algorithms to account for and remove the millions of smartpages that existed.

The second type of page generator is one which produces thousands of linked webpages in minutes based again on a list of keywords. I’m not going to mention specific products here as anybody familiar with the concept will know which products I’m referring to and I’ve already attracted a lot of flack for publicly criticizing these products.

This type of page generator copies a set of search results from a search engine and puts together a page made up of chunks of this text. Search engines then see a website made up of thousands of linked pages with relevant keywords on every single page. Again this is just a gimmick and offers absolutely zero value to the visitor. Then again the people who defend and advocate these page generators are interested in making money and aren’t the least bit concerned about offering value to those people visiting their website.

Search Engine Submission Tools

This is gonna be short and sweet. Don’t bother. There’s no point in using these tools. There’s far more effective ways of having your website found by any of the major search engines. Most of these automatic submission tools will submit you to thousands of minor search engines and FFA groups (Free For All) which means you’ll be spammed worse than you can ever imagine. The days of search engine submission tools is gone. If you want to know more about submitting your website to search engines then check out Search Engine Submission.

Also bear in mind that using some search engine submission tools can have your website penalized or banned from the search indexes permanently.

Search Engine Positioning Tool

It is nice to know where you rank in the search engines for specific keywords. The problem is that some people spend day and night analyzing this keyword or that, running reports on it, tweaking keyword density and all that time wasting stuff. Always remember your time is better spend adding new content to an existing site or coming up with ideas for new sites.

That being said there’s no harm in checking where you stand in the search engines for certain specific keywords that are relevant to your business. To do that you could use a service like Google Rankings

You could alternatively use a product like Internet Business Promoter or Webposition Gold for the same task but be prepared to pay a hefty price for the privilege of using these tools.

Search Engine Optimization Suites

Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars per year for every website you have online? Are you willing to pay a company for a piece of software that you don’t really need? An ebook like the TNT SEO Guide will teach you everything you need to know about search engines and is a once off cost.